Top Hund Wettbewerb, Top Dog Competition 2007 in Germany
Endstand / final result: 9.12.2007
Bei Punktgleichheit um den 1. Platz entscheidet die geringere Anzahl der Ausstellungen.
By a tie for 1st place the least number of shows will decide.

Frühere Toplisten / Prior Top Lists
Top Hund / Top Dog Top Zuchtrüde / Top Sire Top Zuchthündin / Top Dam

97 Shaggy Blue Bob’s Denaria Kee
94 Ch. Hubba Bubba aus der Boverheide
79 Dangerfreak's Xmas Carol
66 Angel Giggles from Stone's
64 Ch. Angel Eddi from Stone’s
59 Happy Panda’s Violetta nel Vento
56 Blue Bayou aus dem Rotmaintal
55 Shaggy Blue Bob’s Evita
54 Bogart aus dem Rotmaintal
54 Shaggy Blue Bob’s Eros Ramazottel

53 Shaggy Blue Bob’s High Energy
51 Ch. Aylabear’s Forrest Gump
51 Barking Bobby’s Standing Ovation
51 Happy Panda’s Zurine Vale Vue
46 Shaggy Blue Bob’s Here is George
45 Ch. Vigilat’s Dear Tomte Tummetodd
44 Checkpoint Charlie’s Our Delight Ophelia
41 Aylabear’s Good Times
41 Hanky Panky from Tequila’s Oase
40 Ch. Dairymaid aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal
40 Fernando vom Mückenschlösschen
40 Ch. Pepperhouse Amicelli
40 Ch. Playboy von den Auenwiesen
40 Sweet Expression’s Hole in One
39 Dream of Paradise Disney’s Magic
39 Shaggy Blue Bob’s Hot Chili Pepper
38 Veejee of Fool’s Paradise
36 Aylabear’s Flash Gordon
35 Checkpoint Charlie's Perfect Pearl
35 Shaggy Blue Bob’s Full House
34 Dream of Paradise Delightful Hope
32 Ch. Sieg's Selection Everybody’s Angel
31 Poet’s Garden Emotion of Love
30 Ch. Argovian Emotional Affair
25 Ch. Häpp(y) Hippo aus der Boverheide
25 Ch. Sieg’s Selection Especially for You
25 Snowboots Jammyshot
24 Reata’s Kiss for Miss
23 Aryakas Dorothea
23 Aylabear’s Gone Down Under
22 Ch. Excalibur aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal
22 Jolly Bears Daddy Cool
21 Betty a Child of Gwenhwyfar
21 Ch. Snowboots Jabberwalky
20 Ch. Brwyn's Heavenly Hugs Teddy Bear
20 Happy Panda’s Zuccherino
20 Just Friends Jil Sander
20 Ninepin's X-Dream of Heart
20 Ch. Rapunzel von den Blue Zottel’s
19 Dreamdancer’s Espresso
19 The One and Only von den Blue Zottel’s
18 Dream of Paradise Dazzling Star Kelly
18 Firstlove aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal
18 Jolly Bears Cassius Clay
17 Blue Jewel’s Aileen
17 Ch. Dirty Mind of Snowboot Bears
17 Happy Holiday from Tequila’s Oase
17 Ch. Law of Love Take it from the Boys
17 Ninepin’s Uncle Sam
17 Pepperhouse Big Puff Daddy Junior
16 Poet’s Garden Danny de Vito
16 Wobble Fashion’s Silver Shadow
15 Ninepin’s X-Affair

232 Ch. Snowdowne Straight Talk'N At Bugaboo
201 Happy Panda’s Old Father Time
151 Ch. Angel Bonetti from Stone's
132 Ch. Bugaboo Big Puff Daddy
127 Ch. Shaggy Blue Bob’s Black Jack
124 Dizzny’s Artful Dodger
119 Ch. Not for Sale aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal
105 Ch. Reata's Como Las Condes
97 Big Funny Flashy Fineness
94 Happy Panda‘s Nicodemo

80 Ch. Lambluv's Sound of Music
71 Kö-Pi‘s 599 in Memory Dolo
70 Nabucco of Roseville
64 Ch. Fitzwilly Twist N Shout
63 Ch. Karlo von den Blue Zottel’s
63 Ch. Rasputin von den Blue Zottel’s
61 Ch. Happy Panda's Sound of Silence
54 Ch. Aryakas Cosmo Junior
53 Ch. Zollfrei aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal
50 Ch. Reata’s I’m Pixie
43 Ch. Reata’s Jimbo
41 Ch. Pole-Position's Famous Sir Toby
40 Ch. Aylabear’s Forrest Gump
40 Ch. Noble Man of Roseville
38 All in One da Quinta d’Abrueira
38 Ch. Cartouche of Snowboot Bears
37 Aristocrat of Snowboot Bears
35 Ch. Vigilat’s Dear Tomte Tummetodd
32 Ch. Happy Panda's Quiet King
27 Ch. Reata’s A1
26 Ch. Brinkley Shakespeare in Love
26 Ch. Reata's Cosmopolitan
23 Ch. Barking Bobby’s Purple Rain
22 Ch. Macopa Dark ‘N’ Stormy
22 Ch. Zottel’s Ice on Ice
21 Happy Panda’s Tennessee Waltz
20 Happy Panda’s Y'Midsummer Night's Dream
19 Reata’s Frequent Flyer
18 Ch. Danish Delight E.T. Phone Home
17 Ch. Xchyne of Snowboot Bears
15 Ch. Manrose Special Agent
14 Ch. Dangerfreak’s Roll the Dice
14 Ch. Tumbleweed Valubal Laredo
13 Danish Delight Sophie’s Dirty Harry
12 Ch. Dangerfreak's van Damme
11 Ch. Pablo Picasso aus der Alten Noris
10 Drover’s Special Edition
10 Ch. Elvis vom Elsterufer
10 Ch. Pepperhouse Amicelli
10 Ch. Trademark’s Stop ‘N Stare
9 Dusty from Tequila's Oase
7 Argovian Don't Stop Movin
7 Danish Delight Give me a Break
7 Ch. Ninepin’s Going Your Way
6 Ch. dreamdancers Ballantines
5 Ch. Argovian A Step Back the Roots
5 Ch. Youandi Surprise Surprise
4 Ch. Happy Panda’s Union Jack
4 Ch. Playboy von den Auenwiesen
4 Ch. Scamp Believed Tramp from Clear Spring
3 Ch. Argovian All on Board
3 Ch. Jasmist in the Tunnel of Love
3 Ch. Zottel's You Don't Fool Me
154 Ch. Aylabear’s Dot Com
142 Ch. Shaggy Blue Bob’s Chart Breaker
124 Ch. Barking Bobby's Ray of Light
119 Bambi aus der Boverheide
110 Ice and Fire von Adam‘s Zotteln
110 Ch. Very Nice aus dem Rotmaintal
91 Dream of Paradise a Magic Moment
79 Ch. Mocobi's Living in Paradise
71 Ch. Happy Panda's Piccolina
70 Ch. Curly Sue from Tequila's Oase
67 Barking Bobby's Reality Bites
67 Ch. Venivici Amorosa Donna for Stone‘s
66 Ch. Angel Chooberry-Boo from Stone's
66 Ch. Snowboots Here I Am
62 Barking Bobby's Puppet on a String
61 Sieg's Selection Dazzling Star
59 Happy Panda's Me and Bobby Mc Gee
56 Celina vom Mückenschlößchen
53 Ch. Needles and Pins aus der Alten Noris
52 Shaggy Blue Bob’s Chupa Chups
47 Ch. Poet’s Garden Beautiful in My Eyes
45 Ch. Latina Lavigi
41 Ch. Xolidgold aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal
40 Amanda von der Roten Welle
40 Ch. Jolly Bears Yours Forever
40 Ch. Sweet Expressions As Good as it Gets
39 Ch. Argovian Cherry Blossom
38 Ch. Zjinzjin of Snowboot Bears
36 Ninepin’s Unchain my Heart
35 Checkpoint Charlie’s Kisses of Cooler
32 Ch. Brwyn's Lamborgini Miura
32 Shaggy Tramps Arabian Queen
30 Ch. Anjulie a Child of Gwenhwyfar
30 Ch. Nesthäkchen Nina von den Blue Zottel‘s
24 Ch. Reata’s Jackpot
23 Aryakas Caryatis
22 Ch. Y‘Lookalike aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal
21 Ninepin‘s Illusion
20 Just Friends Dream Design
19 Ch. Pippilotta von den Blue Zottel's
17 Ch. Helga Hufflepuff from Beautiful Highland
17 Pole-Position’s Joy
17 Ch. Silvery Bear Göd Ninoschka
17 Sparkle Square's Fashion Award
16 Genesis Item
16 Shaggy Tramps Centre of my Heart
16 Stony Hill Fruit of the Loom
16 Wobble Fashion's Simply the Best
15 Miss Moneypenny Can’t Take it Easy
14 Qntal aus der Alten Noris
13 Bobby Clown’s Always my Angel
13 Fan-Fell Qualify for Happines
13 Vigilat's Be My Darling Angel
13 Youandi Limited Edition
12 Ch. Bambi vom Elsterufer
12 Barking Bobby's Love Me Tender
12 Ch. Dangerfreak’s Celine Dion
12 Kö-Pi's 599 Blue Körnchen
12 Liberty of Roseville
11 Ch. Dangerfreak’s Quite One Vision
11 Uranka aus dem Hundewald
10 Ch. Pennylane Laguna di Lenti
10 Queen vom Tannenkamp

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