Top Hund Wettbewerb, Top Dog Competition 2002 in Germany
Endstand / final result:2002
Bei Punktgleichheit um den 1. Platz entscheidet die geringere Anzahl der Ausstellungen.
By a tie for 1st place the least number of shows will decide.
Top Hund / Top Dog Top Zuchtrüde / Top Sire Top Zuchthündin / Top Dam

151 Zecretzorro aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal
125 Ch. Dreamdancer's Ballantines
118 Ch. Barkshire's Sweet Justice
84 Arielle vom Mückenschlösschen
80 Emmerson aus der Boverheide
74 Ch. Venivici Amorosa Donna for Stone‘s
70 Aylabear's Dot Com
62 Argovian Cherry Blossom
59 Aylabear's Dreamcatcher
56 Ch. Fergie from Beautiful Highland

53 Dangerfreak's More than Emotion
45 Big Funny Flashy Fineness
43 Happy Panda's Quantita d'Amore
41 Angel Balboa from Stone's
39 Enchant Stargazer Blue
37 Mocobi's Living in Paradise
35 Happy Panda's Querido Companero
35 Happy Panda's Quiet King
32 Elvis vom Elsterufer
31 Pole-Position's Famous Sir Toby
30 Ch. Argovian A Step Back the Roots
30 Ch. Dangerfreak‘s I Believe I can Fly
30 Grisly's Claire
29 Snowboots Here I Am
28 Snowboots Isn't She Lovely
27 Angel Bonetti from Stone's
27 Ch. Nesthäkchen Nina von den Blue Zottel‘s
26 Ch. Trademark's Every Inch a Lady
25 Elegance Lady Now and Forever
25 Queenette vom Tannenkamp
24 Zuckerguß aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal
23 A. Bocelli de Romanico
23 Happy Panda‘s Nicodemo
23 Happy Panda's Piccolina
23 Ninepin‘s Josie
23 Pole-Position's Guardian Angel
23 Sweet Expressions Say Cheese
22 Manrose Primadonna
22 Manrose Special Agent

267 Ch. Uno di Uno aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal
250 Ch. Trademark’s Stop ‘N Stare
160 Ch. Ninepin’s Going Your Way
152 Ch. Stonebrook California Breeze
145 Happy Panda‘s Nicodemo
144 Ch. X McLaren aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal
118 Ch. Barkshire Dancer by Lambluv
105 Ch. Sugar Bear from Beautiful Highland
85 Ch. Barkshire's Sweet Justice
84 Ch. Buster Keaton aus dem Rotmaintal

78 Ch. Pennylane Vangelis
72 Ch. Argovian All on Board
67 Krisendaw Silver Steel at Shaggylands
66 Ch. Karlo von den Blue Zottel’s
62 Ch. Reata’s A1
52 Ch. Dalewood Justin Thyme
48 Ch. Sonny Boy von der Maß
41 Ch. Zottel‘s Womanizer
39 Ch. Lambluv's Sound of Music
38 Ch. Familytree Deep Blue Sea
34 Cathy‘s Clown Call to Glorie
30 Batman aus der Alten Noris
30 Ch. Lamedazottel Jazzsinger
30 Ch. Larthur Rimbaud of Mary People
30 Reata's Como Las Condes
27 Ch. Hibray Action Replay
26 Lovely Dream Charlie Philpo
25 Ch. Vainqueur aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal
23 Bab at the Bowster’s Beau Jangles
23 Ch. Sweet Expressions After Dark
21 Ch. Made in Heaven of Mary People
20 Black and White von der Marxener Aue
19 Ch. Santa Barbara's Ambrosius
16 Ch. Checkpoint Charlie’s Cool Cooky
16 Ch. Danish Delight Sophie’s Calling Caj
15 Ch. Für Peter aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal
15 Smiled Sunshine Grizzly Gizmo
14 Atlantis Barwuschel
14 Ch. Dangerfreak's van Damme


151 Xmaswish aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal
150 Ch. Georgina vom Blütenparadies
132 Ch. Pennylane Love 'n Kisses
129 Ch. Aylabear’s After Daybreak Thyme
118 Ch. Barkshire's Vivacious Antic
116 Happy Panda's Me and Bobby Mc Gee
84 Gillian aus dem Rotmaintal
83 Ch. Dangerfreak’s Zolletta di Zucchero
80 Bambi aus der Boverheide
74 Ch. Pennylane Laguna di Lenti
74 Ch. Snowboots Flying Colours
72 Ch. Bambi vom Elsterufer
65 Ch. Daphne from Beautiful Highland
55 Ch. Now Available aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal
45 Big Funny Cheesy
45 Ch. ZZ-Top aus der Alten Noris
39 Ch. Mayberry's Wonder
37 Ch. Mocobi’s Josefine Baker
37 Nanny vom Tannenkamp
37 Ch. Sieg’s Selection Aber Hallo
35 Exposé Hello Happy Panda
35 Pole Position’s Cheerleader
32 Asita vom Elsterufer
30 Bonnetje van’T Schokkerland
30 Ch. Familytree Pretty Woman
28 Daisy von den Blue Zottel's
27 Ch. Vigilat’s Unique Yazzy Manrose
26 Ch. Trademark's Dressed To Kill
25 Belly Button Now and Forever
24 Ohio from W.-Germany
23 Bab at the Bowster’s Cat-Ice's Cradle
23 Happy Panda’s Josephine
23 Ninepin‘s Donnerliesel
23 Pole-Position’s Cheerleader
23 Quintescens from W.-Germany
23 Sweet Expressions Eyecatcher
22 Bobbington Kiss Curl
21 Ch. Everybody’s Darling aus dem Rotmaintal
21 Shaggy Tramps Arabian Queen

Bobtails aus der Boverheide
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